Access Control

Secure and convenient access control solutions

With the use of the latest technology, NGMicro offers you the widest range of options to efficiently and conveniently open doors for you. From digital keypads to card readers, businesses around the world are increasingly adapting to the use of such security systems in order to monitor the movement of people in and out of buildings. Because this kind of system allows you to report well when something happens, gives you the control you require over your property and space, as well as providing a sense of security to your staff working in the building. We offer you solutions to provide this security with completely wireless access control systems along with high security electronic locks. All of this comes inbuilt with the latest technology. There are always added advantages to using such a system, which include:

NGMicro door access controll

Monitoring timelines

As an organization/business it becomes very important that you monitor the entry and exit times of your staff, in order to make sure they are doing their job. With security systems that allow for such monitoring you will be able to keep track of your staff hours and ensure that HR processes run smoothly without a glitch. It’s all handed to you in a convenient package.

Card designs

You can create one stylish yet professional looking ID card that can also double up as an access card, reducing the hassle for members of your staff as well as giving the whole process a very professional outlook.

NGMicro access controll
NGMicro Access Control

Smart solutions

These security systems come inbuilt with smart technology such as the ability to switch off utility automatically when the building is empty and there is no one around, which ends up saving you a lot of money. You can split your property into various groups, ensuring that access points are made convenient for specific groups of people, and you don’t have to program each and every door separately. These systems also give you aerial site graphics, which play an important role in monitoring real time events and is considered very useful amongst security personnel.

In this dynamic environment it is very important to stay abreast with the latest technologies and adapt well to the changing times. NGMicro offers you the latest in technology and security solutions to give you state of the art access control solutions.