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Security solutions for the modern lifestyle

Advanced security systems to protect your home and business. Tailored to fit your needs to perfection, the security solutions that we provide at NGMicro encompasses everything from Total Home Control Solutions to Personal Emergency Response Systems.

At NGMicro we always strive to strike the balance between quality and cost effectiveness, because we understand that this is what clients value the most. As a result of which we have been able to provide top notch security solutions for over 10 years across Canada. Our services include:

ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring

A small insignificant spark can be the beginnings of a destructive flame, and can put an end to everything within a matter of minutes. That is why it’s important that your property is secured with a ULC Listed Alarm Monitoring system that can offer you the 24 hour monitoring through a central alarm station. Here at NGMicro we offer you cost-effective monitoring with fire and sprinkler systems compliant with CAN/ULC-S56.

NGMicro fire alarms
NGMicro float alarming system

Flood & Moisture Alarms

Buildup of moisture and flooding can be a serious threat to the integrity of your property. NGMicro offers you real time surveillance of moisture and water levels in those areas of your property that are at risk and sensitive to such complications. We monitor for rising water levels, bringing about the necessary interventions at the correct time, so that you can have a good night’s sleep without having to worry about it.

Panic / Distress Alarms

Call for help during an emergency is vital at all times. Ensure that your property is secured with a system that can be used by a person in distress to call for help. Distress alarms in combination with off-site monitoring is a great way to ensure the safety of individuals when working late hours alone, or in places like isolated parking lots.

NGMicro Panic detection system
NGMicro Home access control

Residential Alarm Systems

Nothing is more important than the security and safety of your home and loves ones, making residential alarm systems an integral part of any household. At NGMicro we offer you customized systems built to fit your needs and lifestyle. Our systems are professional installed and backed up with comprehensive warranty as well as off-site monitoring plans, giving you the comprehensive security that your require.