Technology that works for your organization

We manage your IT functions so that technology works in your favor towards your success. We give you the best solutions that run without a glitch, so that you can concentrate on what you do best, which is handling your organization. Our expertise includes:

LAN & Campus Networks

We get you connected to the world with secure and ultra-high speed networks that are managed by NGMicro. We guarantee you networking solutions of the highest quality and speed, regardless whether you are connecting workstations in the same office or across the city. We provide you with the most cost effective solutions for the entire organization.

NGMicro networking
NGMicro WiFi network

Wireless Access Points (WiFi)

NGMicro offers you high speed internet with secure wireless access points, for your home and office. With Wi-Fi becoming the mainstay in the world of internet usage, we give you the options to suite your need with both external and internal Wi-Fi solutions.

Server Management

Your organization requires your system servers to be up and running continuously. If a system crashes, it can lead to disaster. Servers need to be constantly updated and improved. It can be painstaking for you to do this alone. Our services at NGMicro ensures that your systems are continuously kept up to date and reliable, and in perfect working condition, so that you don’t have to worry about it constantly.

NGMicro Network & Server Management
NGMicro System Security & Antivirus

Firewalls & Network Security

Are you sure that your data is safe and secure? Because there is plenty of malware out there, which is constantly evolving, to swoop in and steal your data, which can end up being a waste of time and money when trying to repair the damage done. So protect your devices and build a wall around your digital life with some of the best internet security firewall services and anti-virus software that is tailored to your needs.

Remote IT Monitoring & Management

What we at NGMicro provide you with in order to keep your technological operations running smoothly and hassle free is, twenty four seven system monitoring, device management and proactive support. We quietly work behind the scenes ensuring that you path to success is well supported, so that you can concentrate on your client and not technological blips.

NGMicro Desktop Support & System diagnosis
NGMicro structured cabling

Structured Cabling

We believe that a well-planned structured cabling system is the backbone of any network, because it this cabling system that allows for the free flow of information during operations. NGMicro’s certified technicians provide structured cabling services for both new projects as well as those which require modifications.

Network Cleanup

Anything that is disorganized will only lead to more chaos as time goes on. The same applies to your system networks. If you have a disorganized network, then when trouble does pop up, it becomes even more difficult to locate the source of the problem and troubleshoot the issue. NGMicro offers you cost effective solutions to trace, tag, organize and cleanup your network assets so that you are left with an organized networking system, that is easy to handle and understand.

NGMicro Network cabling